Are there any plans for a new edition of the physical book?

Hi everyone! I hope if this is the right place to post this topic.

As the title of the post states, I’m interested in buying the physical book as well to support the course and follow along quicker with the 2020 videos. However, the book came out a while ago and I got the impression from the GitHub that a new edition may be coming out. I wouldn’t want to purchase the book only to have the new edition come out later this year.

Has there been any word about a second edition?


We’re keeping the book constantly up to date with regular releases. There will however be a major revision out in a year or so. But everything you learn from the current edition will be equally useful then anyway!


Thanks for the quick reply Jeremy! Glad to hear that a new release is coming up. Since it’s still a while away I will likely get the current edition that’s out. Just one question:

Are you referring to both the print and Github versions, or just the Github?

Both print and github. All github changes are sent to o’reilly.