App for making image segmentation datasets

While following an idea after watching lesson 3, I got carried away a little bit and started making an app for creating image segmentation datasets.

Although it’s still in early stages and a lot has to be done you can see the current version here:

Some plans for the application:

  • simple to use, get started quickly
  • do as much as possible in the browser, no logins required
  • support more labelling options than just pixel-wise coloring
  • a desktop version with direct read/write to the filesystem
  • ability to connect a network that automatically gets trained and generates masks -> then you fix what’s wrong

Are you interested in such an app? Or are the existing ones sufficient? If there already is an app that does exactly what I have written I’d like to know about it.

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New version, still under:

Quick start instructions:

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Now at:

Use incognito mode if your are not able to download the images or get the zip file.