Anyone who did the dog breed dataset using paperspace?

Had a quick question.
I used kaggle cli to download the dataset but i dont know where the dataset is stored.

How do i give the path without knowing where it is?

Hello @deepmaniyar
The dataset should be in the „.kaggle“ folder.
You have to move it to the data folder of the fastai setup.

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If you are using linux, then the find command is your friend on this:

For me, I ran the command:

find / -type d -name "*kaggle" 2>/dev/null

in order to find a directory called kaggle and saw:


Long story short: if you find that you need to look around your machine to find a directory name or a file name, use the find command and make your life easier :slight_smile: :slight_smile:




Once I start running jupyter notebook using paper space, I cant find any folders using the terminal right?

To be honest I am a beginner with paperspace and even ubuntu so i dont know any commands. Hence I am not able to start the project itself. Right from where to find the dataset which is downloaded using kaggle CLI and then how to use that on jupyter notebook

The best is to connect to paperspace with some external ssh client, for example:
Then you can run notebook and operate your Ubuntu at the same time.