Anyone who can not attend new course through international fellowship and willing to pass so that I can use?

I was late to request for the fellowship but really want to get in. I mailed rachel regarding it but unfortunately she is sick and looks like the mail was not read. If there is someone can not attend it and willing to pass it to me, please get back asap.



I’m sorry the invitations are not transferable, and we’re not able to add people after the deadline.

Sorry for annoying, but are you sure you can’t add now? I really want to get in. If there is any way, please get me in.

Dear Jeremy,

Have you finished the selection of the international fellowship applicants, or should I wait for a response from you?
I’ve applied before the deadline, but haven’t received any reply from you yet

Thank you :))

Hi Omar. Your application was successful. Please check your spam folder! Send me a PM if you can’t find it.

Hi Jeremy,
I am just wondering if I got accepted for the fellowship?

Thank you,

Dear Jeremy,
I have applied for fellowship before deadline, but haven’t received any response from fast,ai.
Have you finished the selection? (may be I’ve a bad luck)
Or should I wait for it?

Thank you
AKM Shahariar Azad Rabby

Folks that were accepted were sent their acceptance emails some time ago. Sorry if I missed sending some rejections and leaving you wondering!

Hi Jeremy,

I wonder if I got accepted for the fellowship - just want to be sure, as I cannot find any email from you.
And in case I am not - is it possible to audit live lectures of the new class on youtube? Are you planning to post them later?

Thank you,

@AlecS no I’m afraid you weren’t selected, and we don’t allow auditing, however they lectures will be posted later.

hi @jeremy, any plans that when will these lectures be released? I saw some materials about machine learning from and would love to check that out. :slight_smile:

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