Anyone having experience setting up Movidius Neural Compute Stick?

Excuse my ignorance if I’m veering off topic here
but I’d like to know if the Movidius Neural Compute Stick is all hype or there’s some substance. I plan to use it to power my poor man’s self-driving car.

Please also share if the software setup is painless.

Asking this because setting up another ‘groundbreaking’ product, my ZED 3D camera, on Ubuntu was a nightmare of the first order, and in my limited experience, startups and hardware companies almost always ship half-baked software.


I didn’t get to try it yet. The hardware costs plain nothing. So, it couldn’t hurt to try it. In the promo vid they talk about using Caffe. I am not aware of any other libraries (like TF) being supported.

I’ve ordered it. It’s sold out everywhere. I’ve back-ordered and I’m expecting it to reach me by Aug 8th.

Looking forward to hearing your experience with the setup.

Did it arrive? I’ve been wondering if it will be something I can add for low powered IOT type functions. In particular, I have been thinking that as my daughter keeps climbing around on stuff, a few raspberry pi devices can capture when she is into mischief and perhaps alert me/her something is amiss.

We just got our compute stick on August 4th (ordered it July 20th). We are going to try to get SSD working on it in Caffe. If anyone is interested in working together on this let me know :grinning:


Hi, did you find a way to get SSD working on the compute stick?

Yeah, an update would be really cool. I didn’t get mine yet.

hi @shoemakerlevy9 any update??

hi @karthik_k314 any update?

I’m using to use Movidius to do inference.

Will Raspbarry Pi be enough to do the inference?