Anyone from Bangalore, India

Hi All,

I have completed up to Lesson 2 in some details. Is there anyone here from Bangalore who would like to meet and discuss the lessons on a regular basis? Please send me a mail to


Hey vishal, I am from bangalore who wants to start this course but I do not have access to GPU or not been able to create a free AWS account. How do you suggest I should do this course in my situation ?

Hi Vinay, please email me your mobile number. My mail id is

HI , I am also from India , Bangalore. If you need help you can reach me

Hey guys.

I’m also from Bangalore, India. I’m currently doing Lesson 7. Would love to go over the lessons and help out wherever I can. :slight_smile:

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Hey Karthik,

Please send me your contact details to


Hi Guys,
I am from Bangalore. Currently at lesson 4.

Hey Karthik, I am from Kolkata. Could you help me figure out how to access the AWS gpu instance. Its saying “Only us-west-2…are currently supported”. Or else what is the alternative?

Hey Himanshu could you give me an idea as to how to use the p2 instance. Everytime I try to run the I get the following error

Hi @abhi_phy,
Have you changed your location of server to US West (Oregon) from the aws console?

Yeah I have. Could you tell me exactly how to go about the installation and setup?
I think that my system cannot read the conditions in the IF statements

Are you able to create p2 instance manually from the aws console?. Check your limits of the servers.

how do I do it manually?

yeah I did it manually.

Can you paste the code in here? What is the limit for your p2 instance?

Hey everybody!

I am from Bangalore too and I just starting this course. Would be amazing to do a monthly meetup to discuss lessons and share ideas. How about we start with an online meetup this April and see how things go from there?

Thank you,

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Hi @abhi_phy, I met the same problem as you, could you share how to do it manually with me?

You guys still active ?

how did it get resolved

Folks, I’m from Bengaluru too. Would love to catch up with you so that we can plan and work on lessons together.

How are you guys keeping in touch? Do you have a separate slack group?

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