Any suggestion on readings about Diversity of AI

What are some quick readings for why Diversity matter in AI?

If you genuinely want to learn about this, I am sure all the answers are here.

My three thoughts:

  1. If you feel that AI has the potential of defining some part of the reality we live in, you don’t want it to be just the vision of a single, narrow, most privileged group.
  2. If you care about something and want to make it be as good as you can, inviting people that differ to the table and capturing different perspectives is the best way to go about this. Hence if you care about AI, diversity is one of the single most important ingredients you can go for.
  3. If the AI algorithms as deployed right now affect vast groups of people, it seems like a short sighted and unjust strategy to not involve them as stakeholders in whatever you design.

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Thanks for your thoughtful relies! As I will be going to NeuRIPS and will need to do a sharing to the team. Instead of just talking about the area that we are interested, I thought it will be great to introduce this topic, as these discussion are very rarely brought up.

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