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(sid) #698

should we choose a different dataset as houseprices has only 1461 samples for training ?
you could also email me at my username @

(Kofi Asiedu Brempong) #699

sure …
Do you have any suggestions regarding a different dataset

(Kofi Asiedu Brempong) #700

Hi all, i tried building an image classifier based on lesson 1 of part 1.
I wrote my first medium post based on the results i had, please check it out and let me know your thoughts

(sashank) #701

I am getting an error that the kernel died when i execute the below code in lesson1 . Cna anyone please help me .

df, y, nas = proc_df(df_raw, ‘SalePrice’)

(Utkarsh Mishra) #702

Can anyone help me with GBM and XGBOOST ?
Any lecture series or youtube videos ?

(Leo Yu Ho, Lo) #703

I had presented the “Ethics and Data Science” materials to my research group today, a 30 people data visualization group at HKUST! It was an underdiscussed issue, but not anymore! Thank you, @jeremy and @rachel !

Here is my slides, copied and annotated the original course slides on Github.

(Sumit) #705


In lesson4-mnist_sgd, I’m facing the below issue


Can anyone help me?

The earlier post was messed up with the reply to @sashank’s post !!


(Sumit) #706


Have you tried restarting the notebook and run the code

again !!


(Erick Giffoni) #707

Hi, people. Can someone help me on lesson 2 ? [Workbook 1]

I got this when running : 

Captura de Tela 2018-07-13 às 12.16.17

(Erick Giffoni) #708


Captura de Tela 2018-07-13 às 12.16.36

(Sumit) #709


Please run this conda install -c anaconda graphviz .
Let me know if it doesn’t work.

(Sumit) #710


I’m facing the same issue but couldn’t able to solve it.
After looking into forums i ran this conda install -c defaults intel-openmp -f but nothing happend & also i don’t know what’s the significance of it.

Have you solved it? Can you please help me.


(sashank) #711

yes , its the same … I later realized that feature logic is not working in my system now sure why .

(Sumit) #712

Can you tell what’s the shape of df and y?
& what’s showing after you run proc_df , I mean any error or anything which will be helpful to figure what’s wrong ?

and also if at all df & y has values then can you post first 4-5 rows in here .


(Erick Giffoni) #713

Thank you. It worked.

(ecdrid) #714

Check your mem

(ecdrid) #715

This is amazing!!

(Sumit) #716

can anyone please help me.



Hi Jeremy since these videos are not to be found on and only on youtube am I right in presuming that they have not been formally launched as of yet for the ML course

(Yoong Kang Lim) #718

Hey everyone! First post here.

In the video for lesson 7, about 18 minutes in @jeremy makes a point about imbalanced datasets. He mentioned a recent paper that looked at some approaches to deal with this and concluded that oversampling from the smaller category wins out consistently.

Has anyone tracked down this paper? I’d love to have a look at it.