Another treat! Early access to Intro To Machine Learning videos

(Jeremy Howard) #593

IIRC I wrote nearly it all of it on my own. There have been some PRs since the first course contributing some new features however, which have been much appreciated!

(Kiran) #594

Hi Jeremy
How long did it take for you to write the code? In terms of man hours to create the initial version. I would like to understand how far I am from the gold standard!

Also it is amazing to see how well you program making things simple with few lines of code in a language new to you like Python. You are definitely one of the best minds in the world

(Jonathan) #595

Hey Brad, I’m having the same issue.

How exactly did you change the file?


(Aseem Bansal) #596

@jeremy Would it be possible to edit the 1st post and add “this course is not on website yet” or something similar. I am trying to get some new people to go through this course. But in the first video you say “watch the course on the website instead of youtube”. People go to the website and then get confused by the deep learning course which is the only one on the website. I clarify as soon as I find that out. But it would be helpful to have something like that in the post itself.


And of course do not share these videos with anyone outside the course. My ability to share things like this depends on everyone being careful about the privacy of these pre-release materials.

they are still pre-released.

(Aseem Bansal) #598

This is now a public forum. When Jeremy posted this thread originally Part 1 International fellowship was going on. So I don’t think so. They have not been placed on the website yet. Probably Jeremy was busy. But that’s my guess.


I’m considering working through this before deep learning for coders. Is there any benefit to waiting until these are officially released and on the website (additional resources that will be released then, etc)? And is there any timeline set for publishing these on the website?

This looks great though- was looking for something like this. Thanks for working on it.

(Amar Sharma) #600

Thanks @jeremy! for creating these amazing courses.
I want to ask if should I take this course if I’ve already done the ML courses from coursera. Does this course has extra tricks/tips?

(Jeremy Howard) #601

No particular benefit, other than a larger community and a dedicated forum when it’s released. Should be within a month (maybe more like 2 weeks).

(Kevin Bird) #602



Ah, great. I will probably wait then as it isn’t too long. Need a bit of time to familiarize myself with Python data science libraries anyways as I’m coming from another programming language. Thanks!


Thank you.

(Jeetendra Kumar Sharma) #605

In Machine Learning 1 Lesson 5 at 36.30 Jeremy is taking about loosing the temporal charectristic of the data if we choose the validation set randomly but at the same time he is insisting on a point that the temporal behaviour can be taken care by sorting the validation set after randomply sampling it . i am not able to digest the idea.


Yes, I find it has many gems (i.e. tricks of doing things faster and/or better) which Jeremy has personally collected over 25 years of ML practices and you could not find them in textbooks or elsewhere.


At 30:35 of lesson 2, Jeremy gets a random sample of 30k rows. He then says the validation set should not change, and that the training set should not overlap with the dates (not sure which dates he is referring to).

The original validation set is made up of the last 12k rows. Since proc_df is run on a subset of a random 30k rows, isn’t is possible that some of the new, smaller training data consists of rows from the validation set? Furthermore, I would think that the smaller training set is not necessarily ordered by date any longer since rows were picked at random.

edit: I checked out the source code, and get_sample returns the data in sorted order so that addresses that question. I still think it’s possible that the training data could overlap with the original validation set.

(Jonas G F Pettersson) #608

Change in line 15 of
texts.append(open(fname, 'r').read())
texts.append(open(fname, 'r', encoding='utf-8').read())

(amir shehzad) #609

@jeremy I am confused whether to do Machine learning course or deep learning course first here?? which do you think will be better to do first??

(Will) #610

They are different. If you don’t have any experience with dataset manipulation, cleaning and validation set creation, do the ML1 course first because that knowledge is assumed in the DL1 course. Personally I felt like it worked well for me to do ML1 followed by DL1. Also, fyi Jeremy has requested not to be personally tagged in posts unless he is the only person who can answer the question.

(David Carroll) #611


Thanks for loading the rest of the ML Class videos - they are really great. Will the notebooks for the ML lessons 6-12 be released on github?

(Safouane Chergui) #612

One silly question. I’ve just completed the 1st part of ML course. I’m really compelled to ask when the 2nd part is going to be available even in a non-official way? Thanks so much for all these courses