Another AttributeError question

Hi there,

I’m getting an AttributeError "module ‘numpy’ has no attribute ‘square’ " when trying to run the line

%matplotlib inline
(see also the screenshots for the full context)

As this line is in all notebooks, this is bit of concern (also, there are other ‘AttributeError’ messages are appearing in other contexts)…

Since this problem started happening only recently, it might be a problem caused by some Python incompatibility due to (probably) a conda environment update — when I do an update, I can see the following lines in the terminal:

thinc 6.10.1 requires msgpack-python, which is not installed.
msgpack-numpy 0.4.1 requires msgpack-python>=0.3.0, which is not installed.
spacy 2.0.11 has requirement regex==2017.4.5, but you’ll have regex 2017.11.9 which is incompatible.

Strangely enough, when I do a ‘conda list’, I can see, among other things, the following:

 msgpack-python            0.5.6            py36h2d50403_2    conda-forge

As I’m not a Python dev, I get lost on those issues quite easily.

Can anyone put a light on this issue? And, if you need more info, please let me know.


I find a workaround by removing the fastai-cpu env in anaconda/envs and re-installing it…

I’ve had the exact same problem

A conda env update sorted it out for me