Announcing Practical Deep Learning Part 2 - Integrating Recent Advances and Classic Machine Learning

I’ve just posted the curriculum for part 2 of the course, which will be titled Practical Deep Learning Part 2 - Integrating Recent Advances and Classic Machine Learning. I’m not sure we’ll have time to cover everything listed there, but we’ll get through what we can!

Application info is available at . Starts Feb 27, cost is $1500 (all of Rachel and my fees will be donated to and to the diversity scholarship, just as with part 1). Part 1 had ~100 attendees.

For those of you doing the MOOC who didn’t attend part 1, the course includes:

  • 2.5 hours each Monday night at USF (near Embacadero)
  • Student organized study groups during the week and on weekends
  • Recording available day after the lesson
  • Slack group just for in-person participants
  • Everyone is assigned to a team of six, who work together on assignments

You can apply now if you haven’t finished the MOOC yet, as long as you’re at least past lesson 3, and are confident you’ll finish lesson 7 before Feb 27 (you need to be doing the assignments, not just watching the lessons!) Part 2 will build on everything we learned in part 1, so if there’s areas you’re not comfortable understanding yet, be sure to ask on the forum about your areas of concern.

We’ll be posting info about the diversity scholarships and international fellowships soon.


HI Jeremy ,

I am doing the MOOC from India. Would the second part be also available as part of MOOC . Is there a chance that we can participate remotely. I am really enjoying learning from you. Thank you so much.



Hi Jeremy,
I am doing the MOOC from Nigeria, and i want to be able to participate remotely, I am confident that i will finish the first part before Feb, how can i register for the second part?.

We’ll be posting about the international fellowship shortly, which will allow folks outside SF to join.

The course will also be ‘MOOCified’ towards the middle of the year.


Thanks Jeremy . We are waiting for it.

I just read a post on deep learning plans, where you said we can send our CV and letter(why we need the course), then we will be enrolled and get opportunity to attend via Skype. Does this offer still stand?

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Yes, that’s the ‘international fellowship’ I mentioned.

Will the international fellowship allow remotely taking the course? I am willing to pay, but can’t travel…

lijiv @jeremy said its free, and that all you need is to send your CV and a cover letter. Thats all, you will attend the course via skype with the date and time specified.

If we were enrolled as an international skype user for part 1 do we need to do anything to apply again?

A MOOC for international students should be great.
Travelling to SF, finding a house + living costs + 1500 is probably out of scope for most of the MOOC students from part 1.
Also nanodegrees in Udacity cost 250 usd per month. Much cheaper…

Sorry you’re a bit late - we’ve into week 3 of the course already! But it’ll be online after we’re finished…