Analysis of 83 ML competitions in 2021

I run, and we aggregate ML competitions across Kaggle and other platforms.

We’ve just finished our analysis of 83 competitions in 2021, and what winners did.

Some highlights:

  • Kaggle still dominant with a third of all competitions and half of $2.7m total prize money
  • 67 of the competitions took place on the top 5 platforms (Kaggle, AIcrowd, Tianchi, DrivenData, and Zindi), but there were 8 competitions which took place on platforms which only ran one competition last year.
  • Almost all winners used Python - 1 used C++!
  • 77% of Deep Learning solutions used PyTorch (up from 72% last year)
  • All winning computer vision solutions we found used CNNs
  • All winning NLP solutions we found used Transformers

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Thanks for the GPU provider stats! That’s very useful info!

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