AMA with Even Oldridge: Sr Applied Research Scientist, Rapidsai team at NVIDIA | Chai Time Data Science

Hello Everyone!

As the title says, I’m really excited to be interviewing another awesome person from the family: @Even (I prefer family over community as the right word :slight_smile: )

I’ll be interviewing Even on the Chai Time Data Science Podcast, the interview will be released in video and audio.

I’ve created a thread here since I had the privilege on knowing Even via the amazing family. I reached out to him requesting an interview about Rapidsai and his journey and he has very kindly allowed questions from AMA, please feel free to leave your questions as replies here. I’ll try my best to include them during the interview.

The interview will be this week and I’ll continue collecting questions till 27th of November

Thanks in Advance! :tea:

Meanwhile, please feel free to checkout the podcast (The Interview with Jeremy will be out soon-aiming for next week):

YouTube Channel
Audio Homepage