AMA Interview with Hamel Husain | Chai Time Data Science Show

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone will pardon my excessive chai sharing on the forums but I’m trying to share knowledge via podcasting during the recent few months, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. I’m trying to record all my interviews and stock them up to keep the series running while I’m in SF and learning DL at USF, hence you might have noticed an excessive activity :slight_smile:

With that out of the way:

As the title says, I’m excited to be interviewing another awesome practitioner: @hamelsmu

Please feel free to leave any/all questions here-that you’d like me to ask Hamel. (Open until Tuesday, 5AM IST)

I will of course be talking all about his amazing contributions to fastai + his thoughts on DL. Please feel free to suggest anything along/outside of those lines.

PS: Interviews with Radek and Sylvain will release on the next following Sundays :slight_smile:

About & FAQ:

This will be released on Chai Time Data Science Podcast , the interview will be released in Video and Audio & (Later) as a blogpost

Thanks in advance and Thank you Hamel!
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Sanyam Bhutani.


Do you think BS degree in Computer Science with Fastai can normally land a job in the Deep Learning field or Data science field?


Jumping a bit here but I can promise you the former isn’t even necessary. I can quote multiple examples of great fellow learners :slight_smile:

The most imp part is having a good portfolio/projects.

I’ll def asking the question but I feel this needs to be shared much more. A degree != Skills in a field :tea:

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i would think most real-world data is tabular data but is, to put it mildly extremely ignored

question is why?

personally i think maybe tabular data doesn’t offer much in terms of pushing the state of the art forward or is not as catchy as cv, NLP applications

i think insight from someone in the industry actually doing stuff on the ground could be insightful.


Answer to this is, formal training definitely not required! This is perhaps (at least for me) one of the central lessons of I am not sure I learned anything that really helped me all that much with formal training wrt deep learning

Only answering this question as I feel like Sanyam already knows the answer too I’m also confirming I agree with him 100%