Alternatives to kaggle kernels

Kaggle has introduced a strict weekly GPU limit on kernels. I am completely dependent on kaggle for GPU resources and posted here because I needed a place to cry.

Can anyone suggest a similar service for broke people like me?
I know of colab. Though considering it is still a google product like kaggle, I think they’re going to enforce similar constraints in the near future.


While yes Colab is, paperspace is getting free Kernels later this year (hopefully before colab loses theirs). And I believe colab is having a free tier and a paid one.

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Thank you, I didn’t know that about paperspace. That’s a great news.

I’m just projecting here, but I do not think google is going to provide free GPU to people anymore. Colab probably will have a strict quota for GPU as well as a “pay to play” system.
Well, giving people free GPU is not a great business model, that’s for sure :smiley:

Have multiple kaggle accounts?

I think that would violate some community guidelines there.