AllenNLP TokenEmbedder implementation of ULMFiT

(Piotr Czapla) #22

what you did for embedder?

I meant that fastai preprocessing and ability to finetune are two important bits that might be hard to replicate, and it might be easier to add NER to fastai.

(Pedro) #23

Do you know if there’s anyone working on this? I tried going on from @sebastianruder’s branch , but I’m having a hard time with it. I’m not too experienced developing fastai code and framework.

(Piotr Czapla) #24

I wasn’t paying attention to NER and ulmfit as i’m focusing on closing the classification. I’m thinking about taking on NER in Feb / March, once classification is done. If you need something that works, try zalando flair they have pretrained networks for NER.

(Pedro) #25

I see. I’m writing a survey on NER, and was expecting to compare all these different representations, such as ELMo, Transformer, Bert, ULMFiT, Flair, etc. The only one I wasn’t able to evaluate so far was ULMFiT.