All online Study groups with GMT/UTC timezone

Here are the list of active online study groups :
They are few more study groups that seem they cover part1 or other deep learning/ fastai stuff.
Add more here if you think I missed some or correct any mistake you see. I thought this way it is easier for everyone to convert it to their local timezone.

Cluster of Stars Study Group:
11 PM Fridays
10 AM Sundays
4 AM Thursdays
Math_review : Goodfellow book
3 AM Saturday

You can find more informations on Fast AI discord server

I participated on 3 so far and they are all awesome in their own way.


The fast-bunnies study group does not appear to be currently active.

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Thanks , I removed it.

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Many thanks - I’ve made this a wiki topic so anyone can edit to add additional groups.


Maybe I am confused but looks like
Math_review : Goodfellow book by @skalyan
is at 3 AM UTC

Fast-intuition by @melonkernel
is at 4 AM UTC


First one you were right. I edit it.
Second one I check the discord again. What I am missing here ? :slight_smile:

Looks like the forum post still needs to be updated.

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The time is 7 am Helsinki time, which is during summer time UTC+2 and wintertime (after October
30:th) UTC+3

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