Alien Dreams - a nice summary of the AI art scene in 2021

This nice blog post by Charlie Snell in June 2021 provides a good summary of the developments of AI art scene in 2021. This includes stuff like VQ-GAN-CLIP, now ancient methods :joy:

Thought I’d share it with this community since there are some nice ideas from that era still, and this blog post explains CLIP, CLIP optimization, etc. and other AI art concepts nicely.


Thanks for this @ilovescience :slight_smile: I did a quick glance through and it looks really informative. Now I just need to find the time outside of the SD experiments to do some reading :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out this: GitHub - johnowhitaker/aiaiart: Course content and resources for the AIAIART course.

It’s from @johnowhitaker & he is also planning a new course.


Thanks Tanishq, this was a good read.

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