Advice on starting Deep Learning course

I have been studying from the ML course and really liked it. I want to study the deep learning course as I wish to learn pytorch and fastai library.

I wanted to know how different is the 2019 deep learning course from the present one and is it worth waiting for it?
Also when will the 2019 course would come?

In learning, waiting rarely is a good option. The new course will be available someone early in 2019, probably January. You could cover a lot of ground by then.


Hopefully when my exams finish I would dive into the course. I just wanted to know how different is the content of the new course is from the present one.

I think content wise it would not be a dramatic change for part1, as it is mostly the fundamentals part about deep learning. The more obvious change is the change of API of the library itself, which you can see in the (yes now there is doc)

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Thanks for that info about the docs

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