Advice on publishing articles/blogs

Aim is figuring out recommended practices to express thoughts on concepts taught in class.

I feel that understanding these concepts and transferring them in a medium article are two different things. Sure, I can learn by starting to write, but I do not want to sacrifice quality and overfit the lesson particulars (and consequently dilute the meaning of what is taught in class).

To all those students whose articles/blogs/READMEs have got featured in class, what is your concept_understanding-to-publishing funnel like? How do you go about structuring your article? Is there a mindmap of key-points you plan to cover? Do you re-watch lectures and read arXiv? So many questions.

TL;DR: Novice needs advice on getting started with technical writing.


Write about something that you find interesting. Don’t overthink. Do it :slight_smile:

Your post above is very clear - if you can bring this clarity to any technical post I think it will make for a great read.


thanks! big fan of your posts, btw.

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As @radek said, don’t overthink, just do it. This is definitely not a technical journal :slight_smile:

And, try to include some images… as i said it, it’s not a technical journal, so a short illustrated blog is likely the most enjoyable read.


Definitely follow @radek’s advice on this.

I just wanted to point out that everyone’s blogs are featured in the lecture videos.
Even mine was featured: which tbh wasn’t as professional (Though I’ll make sure the next ones will be) or amazing as the ones from @miguel_perez, @radek, @anandsaha. So you don’t have to write something phenomenal for it to be shared.

Don’t overthink it, just go ahead and write a post. Even if it isn’t perfect, medium has an edit function. Plus trust me on this, the feedback from the community will help you make sure its perfect :slight_smile: