Adding Sacred + Omniboard callbacks

Hi, I saw this post by @jeremy on twitter this morning, , regarding adding callbacks for auto tracking results in weights and biases. I have worked on something similar for Sacred and omniboard, I was wondering if this would be useful for the general community and if its worth submitting? If so any idea’s on desired features would be greatly appreciated!

Link for Sacred: [

IDSIA/sacred: Sacred is a tool to help you configure … - GitHub › IDSIA › sacred

Link for Omniboard: [

vivekratnavel/omniboard: Web-based dashboard for … - GitHub › vivekratnavel › omniboard

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I’m interested, where can I find the callback?

Hey, I have something somewhat specific to my use case, I was going to make a notebook in the standard fastai_dev format that contains a simpler more general usage and submit a PR if there was some interest in it, good to hear at least 1 person would find it useful. I’ll see if I can get some time to do this in the next couple weeks.


Still interested! :slight_smile: