Accuracy stuck during training (stuck at 96%)

Using ColumnarModelData.from_data_frame I am always getting accuracy of 96%
Recreating Rossman worked fine but with a different dataset I have problems.

Is there something obvious I am missing? I suspect that since this data set is looking for a % instead of sales number there is something strange going on.

We have tried altering:

  1. Learning Rate
  2. Batch Size
  3. Embeddings
  4. Layer sizes
  5. y_Range
  6. Target size ( x100 so that it is not 0 and 1 in training, hence the screenshot above)
  7. Replacing negative numbers with 0s

This class is designed for regression - not sure accuracy means much in that case…

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Great! Now that I learned lots while troubleshooting I can move to something else!