Access to Live course [October 2018]

I signed up but I’m currently unable to access.

It may be due to issues with my username.

I have used abhinow for the forums and had used abhijits54 while signing up.

I’ve since updated the live signup to abhinow.

If someone could please look into this, would be super grateful.



Same case with me? Did any one got access to private forms ? I didn’t get any update regarding ‘Fast ai Live 2018’ after signup through the given link (mailchimp) ? Is there is any selection process involved ?

Hi everybody, same thing here.

Hi all, I am also facing the same issue !

Same here. Did anyone pointed out any solution? I received the email but couldn’t access the link…

I also signed up but don’t have access to the private forum :frowning:
Where can I write about this issue?

@Jeremy @Rachel if anyone on the team could please help, would be super grateful. Thanks so much.

Hi all, same here. I’ve received the email but no access. I’ve waited 48 hours as suggested in the email and no luck either.

same here:(

Hei, I also wrote the wrong username while subscribing and although i changed it to the correct one since then i still have no access :frowning:

If you’re not able to access the forum, it means you didn’t get accepted by the deadline - but don’t worry, you’ll be able to join the MOOC early in the new year.

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Thanks @jeremy. I had applied immediately after the announcement (on the 3rd of October), have coded for at least a year, and ensured the answers were filled in carefully and thoughtfully. If theres any correction Could make from my end, would be glad to. I would be extremely grateful to follow along as the course is continuing. Thanks so much.

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Thanks for pointing out. However, would be better to send a “not accepted” email, once the “Please check your Live details” email was a bit confusing. (:


I also have the issue that I got the email with the registration details on my mail Id . But when i open the link it goes to another Gaurav . After that i Updated the preferences as well with the different UserName as asked for but it didnot work out .
If it’s possible please provide the access ."". When i open this Link it’s not me .
MY email id from which i registered :


hi Jeremy, I had filled up all the details well before the deadline, and had coded for 15 years… I wasn’t sure whether/why my application got rejected. I wasn’t sure whether my application got rejected or it is an access issue. Would it be possible for you/someone in team to check whether my application email id got rejected and confirm please… Sorry for the inconvenience.

@jeremy is there a chance that you would be willing to share an early access similar to the machine learning that we would be able to watch them before they are officially released? If not can’t wait till v3 comes out. :slight_smile:

@Jeremy I Just want to know whether can i get the detail of each of your session recording . SO that once those are done we can do that offline . If it’s ok


I am unable to join/access the Part v1 v3 forum category mentioned in my email.

It says - Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Can someone from help?

Wasn’t the whole idea of Live to stop gatekeeping? I’m referring to what, if i remember correctly, you wrote in this conversation: (now no longer available)

Well, what you said is correct. However, there is also the motivation to keep the cohort more like a class where people get started and progress through the materials at the same pace, so that there is more effective collaboration. One of the biggest shortcoming of self-paced MOOC is that people are all on different pages. If you haven’t experienced that, please go to Coursera and join classes like Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning. You will see what I mean. It is nothing close to the atmosphere here during the cohort.

In short, keeping the gate widely open during the cohort is somewhat like leaving the classroom door open when the class is going on. People are going to walk in during the class. They will get confused. Trust me. (Try to start with the Machine Learning class, which is still pretty fresh, and you will hit numerous road blocks because of the update in library.) You can either ignore them and leave them frustrated, or you can divert your attention to address their needs. Both are not ideal solutions.

Why? Even though there is video recording, it takes time and energy to keep past course materials compatible with ever updating library and cloud infrastructure. Remember that this is a not for profit class. Jeremy is already doing his best to keep the class friendly to people from all kinds of background, but he is a person, not a god; remember that he does not have unlimited time and energy. Even he needs to focus his attention to achieve the best educational outcome. If there isn’t a schedule that people follow along, how is he going to focus? Please think in his shoes if possible.