Accelerating AI applications using FPGAs in the Cloud

Are you already using FPGA to accelerate your AI/ML applications in the Cloud?

FPGAs are devices that can be used to offload CPUs and they are making their ways in Cloud Infrastructures.
They can accelerate workloads by up to 1000x.

At Accelize we have developed a complete platform to provide ready to use FPGA Accelerator Functions to Cloud Application Developers without even having to care about the fact that there is an FPGA under the hood.

Why this post?
I am not trying to sell you something. Right now, we are looking to raise awareness of these platforms and better identify how Cloud Applications Developers like you could leverage the acceleration benefit that this technology brings.

Intrigued by this?
Go ahead and create a free account on (no credit card needed) and try (free of charge) some of the first accelerators delivered by our partners. The accelerators are accessed using a simple python API.

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