Absolute ML and deeplearning beginner, have a question on training model time

Hi everyone,

I have been working hard to setup on my local machine to run neural networks. Today I had a conversation with my friend about this course and he told me that training the model will take up to 3 days (!?). First of all, I watched first lesson and didn’t hear this mentioned in any way. I have a gtx 1050 gpu (laptop) and as I understand - amazon aws has more powerful gpus. I couldn’t understand whether the friend was saying it would take this much time either way or is it just because I have a weak gpu.

Please let me know if it’s worth for this course part 1 to setup locally on a gtx 1050 local machine (and how much time it would take to train the models) or is it better if I go for aws?

gtx 1050 local machine is ok for learning purpose.
If dataset is huge you can use the part of the dataset and work on it.