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Fastai has provided several tools to help you “host your own blog, [in a] free, easy an open way”! Please read this blog post for more background. There are two repos of interest:

  • fast_template: This is a minimal template without any automation.
  • fastpages: This extends fast_template and adds automation for Jupyter Notebooks and Word docs, as well as some other features.
    • If you find a bug in fastpages, you are expected to follow this troubleshooting guide before posting on the forums.

The nbdev and blogging categories are together because the blogging tools we provide depend on nbdev, so it is often convenient to talk about both topics concurrently.

This is a wiki post, so feel free to add additional links or info you think might be helpful.


Can’t submit a new post: I was referred here from the nddev github repo.
I’m trying to create a new issue but the system says “You are not permitted to view the requested resource”. Where is the place to post technical issues I’m having with the nbdev package?


Looking for fast pages setup , followed by the instructions in set up page…
here is the problem i’m encountering : https://github.com/fastai/fastpages/generate
Giving 404 error… If some thing works out please post it out here.

@Ram20 My guess is that you are not signed into GitHub

Hi ,
The fast pages CI got stuck after I submitted some changes . What should I do ?

Best ,

The link to the troubleshooting guide does not work, the .MD should be replaced by .md

This one works : fastpages/TROUBLESHOOTING.md at master · fastai/fastpages · GitHub

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Is there a way to create sub-blog on fastpages?

Do you have to have special permissions to make a new post? I have a question about [seemingly completely breaking] footnotes…would love to get some ideas about where to start looking!

(Basically, HTML links in footnotes are broken for a post of mine, although I look/work fine in the notebook. I think some upstream Markdown has messed something up, but I’m not entirely sure, and I don’t really want to revert to a previous commit and re-post all the text/edits. That’ll be painful!)

Hello @jonilaserson ,
I have the same problem, I have a technical issue related to hiding a cell with javascript code.
Did you find a solution?