404 when accessing IMDB dataset in the L4 notebook (http://files.fast.ai/data/examples/imdb_sample)

This dataset is no longer available at this url, so I had to manually download it. Can this be fixed please? :slight_smile:

If you refer to the source code (here), when you use untar_data() to download the target url, the target url will be passed as the first argument of the following function:

def download_data(url:str, fname:PathOrStr=None, data:bool=True, ext:str='.tgz') -> Path:
    "Download `url` to destination `fname`."
    fname = Path(ifnone(fname, _url2tgz(url, data, ext=ext)))
    os.makedirs(fname.parent, exist_ok=True)
    if not fname.exists():
        print(f'Downloading {url}')
        download_url(f'{url}{ext}', fname)
    return fname

The line download_url(f'{url}{ext}', fname) hints that http://files.fast.ai/data/examples/imdb_sample.tgz is used to download the data (note that extension .tgz is appended at the end). Now the final url works fine!