"403 Error" when deploying in mybinder fastai+streamlit app


I made an app with fastai + streamlite and deployed it on mybinder.org. The app makes sea fish image recognition. Locally it works fine, but once it is deployed on mybinder, but when I try to load an image to classify I get the following error:

Error: Request failed with status code 403

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this to happen?

403 means forbidden, assuming streamlit isn’t giving you a call stack with your error, add a text/label field to your UI so you can print out what you’re trying to do just before your do it and see which line blows up.

I’m also going to move this to part 1 for you. it’ll be much easier for people in the future searching for problems deploying their first model if it’s over there.

Thanks for the reply, I will put into practice what you tell me and I will be telling you here how I am doing

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I already solved the problem with loading the file into the app. In the file /.binder/streamlit_call.py I had to add these two lines:


With these two instructions in the Poper the binder restrictions for loading images into the app are deactivated.