360 Computer vision

Hi, I’m going to be working with 360 images in the upcoming month for a variety of tasks that has not been fully decided (there will very likely be object detections and classification at least). I would like to familiarize myself with the subject and I’m looking for the following things :

  • Blogposts or medium posts that provide general view of the field and directions for deeper research.
  • Papers that deals with the foundations and basic idea of 360 vision
  • Papers that seems promising in their performance
  • The implementation of those papers
  • Framework best used to do those tasks (For instance, a repo using fastai to perform this)
  • General advice/ recommendations on tackling this field.

If you can help me on any of that, thank you very much, and if you want to talk about this subject in any way you like, this is also very welcome :slight_smile: