2022 Study Group in India

Anyone, interested in forming a study group from India? I have just begun my journey and have realized that talking and discussing really helps aid the learning process, Unfortunately, I am doing this course alone, and don’t have anyone to talk and discuss with :sweat_smile:
I am an absolute beginner, just learned how to code in Python.

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I am also from India and I started this course last month only and I am currently on lecture 3. I was also looking for a study group. It would be great to start a study group where we can discuss the topics from lecture 1 itself.

We will start the discussions from from Lesson 1. Should I count you in? Let us try and see if the wavelength matches and take it from there. I have to started to get a lil comfortable with course.

Yes, I am in.

Please send your mail. Let us scheduling a gmeet next week

I’m interested in the study group!

Hi People,

I m starting my journey with fastai. Would need some people to do study together.? May I join with you guys? How do you plan your study and complete lessons?