2020 in-person class, help wanted

I’m going to attend the in-person class in comming March, but this course is taught at night. The problem is that I still neither have own my own car nor driver lisence (Just got to bay area 3 months ago). I’m worried about my own safety. Would some of the students in this course willing to give me a ride (or to caltrain station)? I could share the gas if some one willing to help me. I live in Palo Alto near Stanford University. I really appreciate someone would help me.

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I won’t be commuting via a car but I’ll take cal trains (or the alternatives).

Let me DM you, we could figure something out. Although please excuse my b ad understanding of the Bay Area geography in advance :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @init_27, looking forward to see you :grinning:

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