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fastai dev This category is for discussion of development of fastai v1, a rewrite of the fastai library, including: dev projects Would you like to help with implementing some of the needed tools and features of the fastai project? This thread is the place to find what needs to be done. It’s open to all users.
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Fastai v1 install issues thread

The up-to-date installation instructions can be found here. Before posting in this thread please read the troubleshooting instructions. If you still need help please follow the instructions at…

337 October 4, 2018
Major new changes and features

This topic is for announcements of all breaking changes in the API or new features you can use. You should subscribe to it to receive notifications about those. It’s locked and closed so that only the admins can post in…

7 March 12, 2019
How to contribute to fastai

This is a summary how-to wiki thread/post - that means you can edit and improve it! For discussion and questions about it please use this thread instead:…

4 February 11, 2019
About the fastai users category 1 October 21, 2018
A recipe for a reproducible randomization 1 April 21, 2019
Multilingual ULMFiT 112 October 26, 2018
How can i treat the dependent variable of a TabularDataBunch as continuous? 5 November 30, 2018
Using AUC as metric in fastai 22 February 22, 2019
Pytorch tips and tricks 3 March 31, 2019
Build mixed databunch and train end-to-end model for Tabular (categorical + continuous data) and Text data 7 April 7, 2019
Automated Learning Rate Suggester 4 April 20, 2019
Show_install modification suggestion 1 April 20, 2019
Performance Improvement Through Faster Software Components 20 December 14, 2018
Shortest failing test sequence finder (coupled tests detector) 12 February 25, 2019
AutoLRFinder 41 November 9, 2018
Documentation improvements

I just went through a huge proofread and update of the docs of fastai and there are quite a few of them that could be improved. If you’re looking to help a bit with while learning a little bit more about how t…

158 December 12, 2018
Improving/Expanding Functional Tests

This Topic is intended to surface gaps in automated test & coordinate work around that. The goal is to add functionality tests, using coverage as an indicator for which areas haven’t been tested (and not to just try to …

97 December 17, 2018
Not working data = ImageDataBunch.from_folder(path, ds_tfms=tfms, size=224) 16 November 16, 2018
How to reliably use get_preds on the test set for ULMFiT? 9 January 12, 2019
New Tesla T4 available in google collaboratory! 11 April 18, 2019
Wrote notebook to merge image + tabular + text data in one neural network 5 April 13, 2019
GPU Optimizations Central 23 January 2, 2019
Great examples of Deep learning? 12 April 14, 2019
Developer chat

This is a chat thread for fastai v1 developers. Use it like a Slack or IRC channel. You can keep it open in a separate tab or window and see comments in real time, or check it from time to time to see what’s going on. If…

867 September 14, 2018
Loading pre-trained weights from a local file rather than from a URL 5 April 18, 2019
Productionizing models thread 115 October 28, 2018
Mixed precision training 41 August 13, 2018
Adding a custom transform to the image data pipeline 13 December 13, 2018
Exception ignored in: <bound method _DataLoaderIter.__del__ of 5 January 4, 2019
Automatic image transformations 8 April 17, 2019