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fastai-v2 This category is for discussing the development of fastai v2. The reason we are rewriting fastai from scratch is discussed here. Currently it’s in an early stage. It’s heavily based on the latest (2019) “Deep Learning From The Foundations” course so be sure to complete that, if you want to understand what’s going on. The lib, tests, and docs are all generated from a single set of notebooks. Also, (incomplete) documentation is available. nbdev & blogging This category is for discussing nbdev, fast_template, and fastpages. dev projects Would you like to help with implementing some of the needed tools and features of the fastai project? This thread is the place to find what needs to be done. It’s open to all users. fastai dev This category is for discussion of development of fastai v1, a rewrite of the fastai library, including:
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Fastai v1 install issues thread

The up-to-date installation instructions can be found here. Before posting in this thread please read the troubleshooting instructions. If you still need help please follow the instructions at…

401 May 21, 2020
How to contribute to fastai

This is a summary how-to wiki thread/post - that means you can edit and improve it! For discussion and questions about it please use this thread instead:…

5 March 1, 2020
About the fastai users category 1 October 21, 2018
Major new changes and features

This topic is for announcements of all breaking changes in the API or new features you can use. You should subscribe to it to receive notifications about those. It’s locked and closed so that only the admins can post in…

9 August 6, 2019
Any gradcam / heatmap code available for v2? 5 May 27, 2020
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Update to blurr library (huggingface-fastai integration for developers) 6 May 26, 2020
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BigData, databunch and training loop 31 May 25, 2020
DataLoaders in fastai2, Tutorial and Discussion 15 May 25, 2020
Time Series Classification Using Deep Learning - Part 1 [Blog Post] 11 May 25, 2020
Fastai v2 chat

Use this topic for general chat about fastai v2 dev - especially questions and answers that are fairly short, and for real-time discussion.

1168 May 25, 2020
TimeSeries 94 May 25, 2020
What happened to docs()? 18 May 25, 2020
Pass callbacks when building learner or when calling fit? 3 May 25, 2020
Updating old fasiai notebook 4 May 25, 2020