Wiki: Lesson 1


Did you set up fastai on collab correctly? And did you create a data folder for keeping images?
And do share your code, will you?


Were you able to get past this? I’m stuck with the same error.

(Pooja) #230
link to my colab notebook lesson 2 image_model. its not complete as I got some error in between the code.

Its a bit unorganised though.

(Aditya) #231

You are passing in suffix parameter or your image folder has something which it shouldn’t have or its not a image
In my case, it was that there were some other folders like MacOSX
Let me now if you query is resolved,
If it isn’t then this has been discussed before by me, just give a quick search on the forum


Ok so mate, I was taking a look and saw your path pointing to PATH = 'data/planet/'. Are you sure that you have a data folder? Coz I couldn’t find the command mkdir data anywhere.