The leaderboard of Dogs vs. Cats will accept any submission even the competition is closed?

(Jade Lu Dac) #1

Hi there,
I understand that at the end of lesson2, we should try to submit a csv file with 2 colums : filename, probablity of the 12500 images from the test dataset.
np.savetxt(’/home/ubuntu/nbs/results/ftDLcourse01.csv’,submit, fmt=’%d,%.5f’, header=‘id,label’,comments=’’)

I have then used this command
kg submit ftDLcourse01.csv -u username -p passwordKaggle -c dogs-vs-cats-redux-kernels-edition

But when I went to, I can’t see my entry.
Is it closed so we can no longer submit ?

tks n rgds,


You can submit but your submission won’t show on the leaderboard

(Jade Lu Dac) #3

Hi Mimi,
Thank you.
Do you know in this case can we view the score so at least to be able to improve it ?
Tks n rgds,


Yes your submission gets evaluated and you can manually compare your score with the leaderboard.

(Jade Lu Dac) #5

where does the submission gets evaluated ?

Tks n rgds,