Study groups in SF

(Ramesh Sampath) #61

I miss coming in the SF study group and working along side the gang. Would some of you be interested in an informal presentation of projects that you have been working on Apr’30th afternoon before the last class?

(Daniel Stallworth) #62

I would be in for that.

(Kaitlin Duck Sherwood) #63

I will be in the Bay Area from May 6-19th. Is the USF study group going to shut down or keep going after the class formally ends?


Today I told our head of ML at a very large software company that I study with Jeremy Howard in his open office hours. They were SHOCKED! They said “of course I know who he is, we came to him asking how we could build a data science community around our (expensive proprietary) database, he told us ‘that’s not how you build a community’” LOL. Wish I was back there with you all and not in this ML training where we learn how to write an adv. ‘hello world’ function in Tensorflow :frowning:

(Jeremy Howard) #65

I’ve managed to book rooms for one more week after the last class. Here are the room details:

Note that we don’t have the same room every day. Also, this Friday we are in a different room (room 454).

(Jeremy Howard) #66

For those coming today - we’re in room 454.

(Ramesh Sampath) #67

@Moody, @sjdlloyd @binga and other International Fellows who made SF study group their home for the last seven weeks - Thank you so much. It was great to meet and get to know so many of you.

It very much feels like we are just getting started on our DL Journey…so long…

(Sarada Lee) #68

This was my best learning experience so far. I am going to miss you all, including those not in the photo. :blush: @sjdlloyd @shoof @binga @asparagui @layla.tadjpour @lesscomfortable @daveluo @alexrigler @YangL @ramesh

(YangLu) #69

OH, man, I wish I were there.

Quickly! somebody! Shop me in!

by the way, anybody there today?

I’m planning on dropping by…

(Jeremy Howard) #70

Yup plenty of us here.


The study group is going to keep meeting!!! I will post room number once I get a response from Mindi and Kelli


Have not yet heard from them.


Just got this from Lesiie :slight_smile:

Hi John,
Yes, we can provide you/other DLII participates a room through June 29th.
I’ve requested room 153 from 10am - 5pm, weekdays except May 16. On that date you’ll be in room 454 on the 4th floor.

(Andrew) #74

Woohoo thanks John! I’ll be taking advantage


Art break in the fastai study room. Can you identify the architecture?

(layla.tadjpour) #76

Thanks John. I will be joining you this week.

(Arvind Nagaraj) #77

Were you able to make any progress on this?

I recently heard this podcast which helped understand the problem and solution.

(Jamsheer Basheer) #78

No Arvind, Thanks for the link. I will check.

(Jeremy Howard) #79

SF folks - there are new study groups at USF now, specifically for fastai v1 dev. Details here. (Please reply on that thread if you have questions.)