South Bay Weekend / Evening Study Groups?

(Ramesh Sampath) #43

Hey Guys - Awesome meetup yesterday. I will be up for a Earlier start time like 5/6pm on Sat or Sunday. I am not sure about my weekday schedule, so would leave to the rest of the group to plan and meetup.

(Mike Kunz ) #44

@ramesh @sjcho @pandeyanil - per our conversation Saturday, Would you be interested in doing a Wednesday ‘code-only’ meet up in mountain view or Palo Alto ? That would be a bit more accessible to Ramesh (as he works thereabouts) and it would let our weekends be devoted to lecture notes and any outstanding issues.

Let me know your thoughts!

Edit: Forgot @Deb @pandeyanil @dogenzen

(Sukjae Cho) #45

I have frequent other (ir)regular appointments during weekdays these days, so please plan without me. I’ll join if I’m available.

(Mike Kunz ) #46

@pandeyanil @dogenzen For our Sunday 4/7/18 meet up, looking for space in either the San Jose Public Library (2 hour reservation) or @ HackerDojo. Looking for a 6pm start time to make it a bit earlier. I can reserve at San Jose but only for one hour. I believe that @dogenzen has connections to SJSU students and can reserve for two. Let me know thoughts!

(Lucia Casu) #47

I would like to join the group; I can commit few times on Wed. evening in Palo Alto/Mt. View


will update soon on the SJ public library status - trying to book for 3-hours (6-9pm)

(Mike Kunz ) #49



Hi Guys,

On Sundays, for public access, SJ Library is only open upto 7PM

(24-hours only for SJSU Students)

(Mike Kunz ) #51

I would recommend seeing if you can reserve it for 4 pm.


I can book it from 4-7pm. Please confirm

(Mike Kunz ) #53

Please book.

(Ramesh Sampath) #54

Hey @dogenzen - Thanks for your help with securing space for study group. Sunday 4-7pm works for me.

(Anil Kumar Pandey) #55

Sunday 4 -7 pm works


works for me as well thx!

(Mike Kunz ) #58

Is anyone going to go to the Coffee and Code in Mountain View today? Im feeling a bit under the weather and am wondering if I should go. Please RSVP “yes” by liking this post :slight_smile:

(Ramesh Sampath) #59

Hey Mike - Hope you feel better. I am not planning to come to Coffee and Code today, but looking forward to joining the Sunday 4pm at SJSC Library. May be you or @dogenzen confirm the address and location for Sunday?


Room 632
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library | San José State University

150 E. San Fernando St.
San José, CA 95112

Limit: 10 people
There is a TV in the room. We will need HDMI cables or chromecast


Just remembered this library does not have have free parking, rip $5

(Mike Kunz ) #62

@iaphi people can also leverage on street parting and walk.


Yeah, I’ll probably come early and see how good street parking is. I hope it’s not a problem.

I don’t want to complain and not suggest any alternatives, so before the meetup I’ll think of some solutions.