South Bay Weekend / Evening Study Groups?

(Sukjae Cho) #22

@Deb I booked Palo alto library on Sunday 4PM. Sign up at
Fastai Study Group

I guess it’s hard to track who’s coming and not through the board. Please sign-up at the above link.
There are 3 meetings in South bay this week and I’ll attend Thursday & Sunday one

I plan to work/discuss on followings:

  • Review last lecture
  • Apply Rossman approach(from lecture 4) on Kaggle TalkingData competition
  • Apply CAM(from lecture 7) to image regression(instead of classification) problem that I’m working on.

Join me if you’re interested or need any help/discussion on any other issues.

(Anil Kumar Pandey) #23

Sunday works.

(Debashish Panigrahi) #24

thanks Sukjae

(Sukjae Cho) #25

FYI, there is a paper-reading meet-up on March 29(Thu) in MV about Capsule Networks.

I don’t know the presenter, but usually you can expect very good explanation about the papers and good discussions afterward.

BTW, no food is served.

(Debashish Panigrahi) #26

Thank you Sukjae. I feel there is more debates/hyper discussions about capsule network than there should be. I feel its just one of the natural extensions of NNs and may work better in certain problems than ANN/CNN/RNN combinations.


i plan to be there. thx

(Ankit Goila) #28

I might attend as well. Thanks for the link!

(Mike Kunz ) #29

For the Willow Public Library Glen Study Group, let’s try to stick to this agenda:

  1. Review of Last Week’s Lessons.
  2. Review of LW Code / Exercises
  3. Other Projects we are working on , want feedback on.
  4. Recurring agenda / Is this the right place and time ?

(Mike Kunz ) #30

@sjcho I will pop by. @vasanthgx and I were at the Saturday Willow Glen Library session. We will see if there is an opportunity to consolidate or differentiate the sat / sun sessions.

(Mike Kunz ) #31

Had a good time meeting with everyone at the Palo Alto Library on Sunday. Disseminated notes to everyone who attended and whose name I could figure out. If you did not get a copy and were there, let me know and I will pop google doc notes over to you.

Next Weekday Meeting: Thursday for Capsule Networks
…Other TBD

Next Weekend Meeting: Next Sunday, 3 locations being actively sought

(Mike Kunz ) #32

South Bay People: Next Study Group will be

**Saturday 3/31/2018 **
@ Hacker Dojo
3350 Thomas Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Time: - 7pm to 9pm PST

Thanks @pandeyanil!

Please Sign up at

(Sukjae Cho) #33

Another notice: 4/1 Sunday meeting is cancelled due to library closure.

(Mike Kunz ) #35

Probably not going to happen. There is a separate meet up on capsule learning at that time.

(Ramesh Sampath) #36

Ah…I totally missed it. It makes sense. Hope to see you all at the Capsule Networks meetup

(Mike Kunz ) #37

Kudos @ramesh for taking the initiative. Hope you can join on Saturday

(Ramesh Sampath) #38

Looking forward to catching up Tomorrow (Sat) at 7pm - @ Hacker Dojo

(Ramesh Sampath) #39

Hey Folks - Can you give a Like or respond, if you plan to make it to the Study group at 7pm Hacker Dojo Tonight? It’s a bit of drive for me (live in Hayward / Union City), so want to make sure others are planning to join.

(Ramesh Sampath) #40

Awesome. Thanks guys for the RSVP Likes. Looking forward to seeing you all at 7p today

(Nikhil B ) #41

I’ll be there around 07 35.

(Mike Kunz ) #42

Okay. send us a message when you are at the door.