Since Tensorflow-GPU requires CUDA 9.0 and not 9.1, is there any way to run it concurrently with Fast.AI (on Paperspace)?


I’ve tried running Tensorflow-gpu on my Paperspace instance where I installed Fast.AI but got error messages each time. Can’t remember what they were but I later found out that it’s because I’m running CUDA 9.1 but the latest Tensorflow (1.6) still will only run on CUDA 9.0.

Is there any way I can get both Fast.AI AND Tensorflow to run on the same Paperspace instance, perhaps by installing both CUDA 9.1 and 9.0?


You can compile Tensorflow from source. That’s what I’ve been doing on my personal desktop machines, which currently has CUDA 9.1.

(Sritanu Chakraborty) #3

How did you install tensorflow-gpu on paperspace? conda install? compiled from source? pip install? I guess the fastai venv/paperspace machine is using conda python. You can do a quick check which python env your system is using. If its conda python, then I guess installing tensorflow-gpu from conda would solve the problem. Again, it would be much more helpful if you can provide screenshots/exact errors.