Running IMDB notebook under 10 minutes

(MTAU) #22

About to start this exercise. A little put off by the unresolved issues flagged here.

Has anyone resolved this problem or should I start from scratch?

(Abhishek Mishra) #23

Hi Folks,

What is the difference between learner.load_cycle(‘adam3_10’,2) and learner.load(‘adam3_10’) ?
Parameters are just for reference.
I am referring lesson4-imdb notebook’s 3 lines as below.


learner.load_cycle(‘adam3_10’,2) doesn’t seem to be related to learner used in language model.

(Sam Lloyd) #24

The difference is pretty much zilch. load_cycle just formats the string ‘f{name}cycle{number}’ and then calls learner.load

(Karl) #25

Was the vocab size difference issue ever resolved? I just tried to use the weights uploaded here and found a pretty sizable vocab difference. I get md.nt = 37392 compared to md.nt = 34945.