Reduce size of volume

(erik wagner) #61

Can you provide line that needs to be added/changed in order to get this to work?

(Somsubhra Ghosh) #62

@nunb @vshets I am a newbie to AWS. I am trying to use the ami-9c54f4fc AMI in us-east-1 but get this error possibly since the AMI is not there in us-east . How do I get the AMI to us-east-1… Is there a corresponding version for us-east-1
**An error occurred (InvalidAMIID.NotFound) when calling the RunInstances operation: The image id ‘[ami-9c54f4fc]’ does not exist. I tried coying over from Oregon to Virginia but then I got an error that I do not have access

Thanks for your help.

(NB) #63

Perhaps just change your region to us-west-2 (Oregon)


I changed the region to us-west-2, it still did not work.


Try ami-31ecfb26 for Virginia in p2 instance.

(Vinay Shashank) #66

Looks like ami-9c54f4fc is no longer available. I’ll see if I can create one ami for us-west-2

(Vinay Shashank) #67

Isn’t this 128GB storage again with gp2 instance?

(Aadam ‍) #68

Is this still working? I can’t seem to find the ami-9c54f4fc … Any help would be appreciated.

(Aadam ‍) #69

Hi @vshets , could you please guide me a little bit. I can’t seem to find the ami that you created.

(Vinay Shashank) #70

Hey @jeremy, why do we have to delete the .ssh directory before creating an AMI? I followed the process and did create an AMI but I can’t seem to ssh into a new instance created from the image. Getting connection refused on port 22. Any idea?

Edit: All is fine now. Created a new AMI, ami-64c5cc1d, in us-west-2. @aadimator, do you wanna try?

(Aadam ‍) #71

Thanks @vvinay . I’m checking it out now. Just to be clear, now that there are two files in the github repository, 1. and 2., I’d have to change the ami in and then change the volume size in Right?

(Aadam ‍) #72

Thank you so much @vvinay It’s working fine now. you are a lifesaver :wink:


hey all, I’m trying to set this up for eu-west-1 (Ireland) – what (if any) changes do I need to make to get this AMI to work?

(Vinay Shashank) #74

@niyb You have to create a new AMI in eu-west-1 since AMIs are region specific. The process to create an AMI is fairly easy. You can follow this conversation thread from the beginning and instructions are neatly presented.

(Raymundo Gonzalez) #75

Is it possible to reduce volume size for the p2 instance as well? I am getting an error when I try to do so.

(Marco) #76


Thanks for sharing the insights. I can confirm that you need to modify the AMI in the file and modify the instanceID in the

The ami-64c5cc1d instance appears to be t2.xlarge which does not have GPU (please correct me if I am wrong).

I guess for those that just want to use CPU for running deep learning algorithms this is an option but it might be more cost effective to run it on a p2 instance with GPU?

I am new to all this so let me know if I am mistaken.



(Chase Thomas) #77

@marcohs I used ami-64c5cc1d and after checking my running instances, it seems to be a p2.xlarge.

What do you see when your check your instances?


hello, whats the cost savings or charge per hour for the AMI ami-64c5cc1d with 30GB volume size ? I understand the cost for the original setup is $.90 per hour. what will be the new cost ?

(Saurabh Jain) #79

Hi All!

Have created a new AMI for p2.xlarge insances - ami-951609ec

Newbie to AWS and seems to work for me. Pls check and confirm. Created with 30 GB storage

(Christian Brevik) #80

@nunb I see the AMI is for Oregon. Is there an equivalent one available for Ireland?