Pytorch using 90+% ram and cpu while having GPU

(Shahariar Rabby) #1

While training the resnet from lesson 1 taking lots of time (15min+).
I tried all possible solutions from the forum and nothing helped.
My device Asus x556 with 940mx GPU, Core i5, 8 gig Ram and 250gb SSD with windows 10.

When I use tensorflow it always uses 90% GPU and no ram or CPU uses. Any way to do the same for the torch?


(Aditya) #2

It’s using the GPU…
Also 940mx isn’t suitable…(I also have it so I know, The real GPU series starts from 1050+…)

(Shahariar Rabby) #3

Is there any way to stop using CPUa and RAM? I can’t use the PC while training. :frowning:

(Shahariar Rabby) #4

It’s also giving memory error :frowning:

(Aditya) #5

The only way out is not to train on your laptop…
Just understand things properly and train them on a powerful machine or use AWS…

Mem error is because you are trying to allocate more memory than you have…