Pip install fastai :)

(Jeremy Howard) #1

Thanks to USF masters students @groverpr and @kcturgutlu, you can now

pip install fastai

This is really awesome work! :slight_smile: Let us know if you find any problems with it. I’ve tested lesson 1 of the DL course on AWS and it worked fine.

(There’s no need to use this if you use the conda environment we provide - this is largely for use outside of the course.)

Personal DL box
(Zarak) #2

Great news!

edit: Available on Kaggle kernels now: https://www.kaggle.com/datacanary/fastai-check

(Vishal Pandey) #3


(JV) #4

This is awesome! Really enjoying fast.ai! have a feeling the framework will take over the world…keep it up!


Hi, I can see more than 160 commits has been pushed to git from 2017-11-29. Will anyone update the package on Pypi?

(Reshama Shaikh) #6

Until that happens, you can use this method: pip library info


I have no issues while using fastai on the server. I m able to execute code.

I asked because I wanted it run code in Kaggle notebook. It seems pip install fastai is only way to access fastai library in the notebook.

(Reshama Shaikh) #8

that’s true…


How did I forget this? We can use
pip install https://github.com/fastai/fastai/archive/master.zip

(Pierre Guillou) #10

It will install the last version of the fastai library ?


Yes, supposed to do that. Check here https://stackoverflow.com/a/24811490/618018

(Gourav Shaw) #12

It is giving this error


will this work in google colab where i get a python notebook