Part 2 lesson 11 wiki

(Pascal Guedon) #305

Solution found here :
for everyone having problems when compiling fasttext under Windows like @KarlH , @Chris_Palmer and me.

I can’t believe that it’s not already updated (since january) as it’s only a missing #include.
To summarize :

  • git clone
  • modify fasttext/src/ and add : #include <string>
  • open an anaconda prompt, access the fastai env, then go to the fastText sources directory and run : pip install .

(Quek Wee Yeow) #306

Are my two pickle.dump files useable?

(Pascal Guedon) #307

Yes, it worked well ! Thanks again.
I’ve used them to continue with the notebook before I found a solution to compile fasttext. And anyway it’s a lot smaller than the fasttext files for wiki models in EN and FR (that I even not finished to download yet).

(Chris Palmer) #308

Thanks for this @pascal !

I noticed that the readme suggests that you use the latest stable release:

Did you just use the master branch with no issues?

(Pascal Guedon) #309

Hi @Chris_Palmer. You can see in commits that there are only few commits, some fix and updates on docs so no new features. IMO you can definitely use the master branch. I do not get any issue with it for now.