NIPS Paper Implementation Challenge

(Jeremy Howard) #42

Looking forward to hearing how you all go!

(Vignesh R) #44

Will I get a mail even if I got rejected? I’m waiting from 3 days

(Yousof Ebneddin) #45

After applying, You may get an email saying when they are going to send the result. check your spam as well.

(Vignesh R) #46

Yes I got that mail right after the application submission. They told they will let me know shortly about the results. I sent it on 18tg November

(Aditya) #47

Any updates?


Just got accepted…

(Vignesh R) #49

Got accepted

(James Requa) #50

Just got accepted too :slight_smile:

(Sanyam Bhutani) #51

I got accepted for the challenge as well :smiley:

(meareg hailemariam) #52

Hi @gabrielilharco, thanks for sharing this info.!! Got accepted too. How do I join the slack group?

(Gabriel Ilharco Magalhaes) #53

Send me your e-mail! =)

(Sanyam Bhutani) #55

Please add me to the group as well,
Here is my email:

(Michael Moret) #56

Also accepted. My email:

(Saksham Gupta) #57

Hey @gabrielilharco I too got accepted. Please add me to the Slack group



Can someone add me to slack group as well?

(Nimish Sule) #59

Guys if you haven’t got your confirmation just try and search for nips in your mail. I did this and found that I was selected quite some time back. Please add me to the slack group

(Shubham Singh Tomar) #60


Here’s another similar challenge:

But, only institutions can apply to this one :confused:

Worth knowing if some of you are enrolled in university courses.

(Pranjal Yadav) #61

Just got accepted. My email:

(Anand Saha) #62

Today was suppose to be the kickoff to the event. Haven’t received any formal mail yet. Anyone received any?

Specifically, the rules and terms were to be announced I believe.


Update on their website shows this

08/12/17: Challenge officially launched and email responses to all applicants have been sent out. Please check your Spam box if you haven't received an update, and email us at for inquiries. We are still open for applications!.

But I have not received an email till now.
Update : I received an email just now.