NIPS Paper Implementation Challenge

(Aditya) #21

I too want to collaborate…

(Vishal Pandey) #22

Hey… I am in too…

(Gabriel Ilharco Magalhaes) #23

The applications are individual, but I encourage you all to apply! Once the results are in, we can create a group for discussions and sharing =)

(Yousof Ebneddin) #24

I am iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :slight_smile:

(Salvatore Loguercio) #25

Interested! Also, parts of the implementation process could be automated:

DLPaper2Code: learning to automatically generate Keras or Caffe code for deep learning papers. Not a joke! Arxiv

— François Chollet (@fchollet) November 14, 2017

(Rajat Thomas) #26

I work at the group Max Welling in Amsterdam and can definitely help with this. Including some GPU power.
@harveyslash @binga and others.


Do you want to collaborate on something else ? I am working on this , and could use help as well as GPU power.

(Phani Srikanth) #28

I’m glad to inform that I’m selected to be a participant in the Global NIPS Paper Implementation Challenge. :slight_smile: I just received the email from the organisers. Did anyone else receive the email?

Edit: Thank you @gabrielilharco for sharing this! :slight_smile:


Just got mine too!
This is awesome! Thanks @gabrielilharco for sharing this!


same here :slight_smile:

(Naveen Pandey) #31

Awesome @binga and @harveyslash! I am in too!!!

(Ashis Parajuli) #32

I want to collaborate with you .

(Ashis Parajuli) #33

Hey man,

I want to collaborate with you .

(Gabriel Ilharco Magalhaes) #34

Great to hear that, guys!! I am in as well! =)
I created a slack group for us to discuss and share stuff, please send me a private message with your e-mail if you were approved and are interested in joining the group


I am selected too. Thanks @gabrielilharco for sharing this.

(Mike Doan) #36

I’m selected too. let me join the group.

(Yousof Ebneddin) #37

Yey! I am also accepted :slight_smile:

(Louis Guthmann) #38

I got accepted too. Is there a group somewhere to talk about it ?


(Gabriel Ilharco Magalhaes) #39

Yes, there is a slack group =]
If you’re interested in joining, please send me your e-mail

(Astha Garg) #40

Hi you all, I got an acceptance too!