Lesson 8 in-class

(Roy) #101

Is ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) an deterministic optimization that can be used?

(Sourav Dey) #102

This is still a non-convex problem right? Or can it be posed as a convex optimization (and then can use interior point methods?)


We have keras+tf extracting the VGG features. These are used by scipy for bfgs. Does the bfgs also run on the GPU?

(Alex Izvorski) #104

Where do the semi-regular geometric patterns in the generated image come from?


Follow up to previous? How would batching work for this vgg + scipy scenario?

(Cody) #106

Has anyone tried something like this by averaging (or in some way combining) the activations of multiple bird images, such that it creates some kind of novel or “prototypical” bird?


where to get the file “fnames.pkl”

(Sourav Dey) #108

Just to make sure I understand this – in this example we started with a random image. But if we started with the ACTUAL image as the initial condition, we would get the original image back, right? Cause that would perfectly optimize with zero loss right? I’m sure you’ll get to it – but I’m interested to find out where we initialize for the artistic styling problem…

(timanglade) #109

Would it be useful to use a tool like Quiver to figure out which Vgg layer to use for this?

(Constantin) #110

Gut-feeling: It looks to me like JPEG compression artifacts. Apparently, VGG is pulling these out since it looks for edges and other features.

(Cody) #111

Has anyone since the publication of this paper used any other loss functions for f(style) that seem to achieve visually similar results?

(Hamel Husain) #112

If you import the VGG model that is built into keras, do you still have to re-order the channels, etc.?

(Thundering Typhoons) #113

How do we use the output of the different layers (more than one from VGG) for style loss?


I believe so. keras.applications.imagenet_utils has vgg_preprocess that does this.

(Benedikt S) #115

are there any kind of homework or other recommendation of deepen the knowledge of the first lecture?

(sai kiran) #116

Is there any slack channel for part-2?

(Orlando Adeyemi) #117

No there isn’t a slack channel for part 2. Jeremy said the discussions would be on the forums this time.

(Christopher) #118

Will there be a way to watch again, I missed about 15 minutes and is giving me an unknown error and says can’t watch on a different site, click to watch on youtube (I’m on youtube) when clicking it gives another error has occured.

(Chatel Gregory) #119

You can watch livestream again on Jeremy’s channel:


(Jeremy Howard) #120

Yes, you do