Lesson 8 in-class

(Kent) #21

batcher.py.zip can’t be downloaded.


is not downloading

python3) renjith@dlp20db:~/datascience/kaggle/input/fastai2$ wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/batcher.py.zip
–2017-02-27 20:53:28-- http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/batcher.py.zip
Resolving www.platform.ai (www.platform.ai)…
Connecting to www.platform.ai (www.platform.ai)||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 500 Internal Server Error
2017-02-27 20:53:29 ERROR 500: Internal Server Error.


Tried again and it worked.

(Roy) #24

wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/DCGAN.ipynb
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/batcher.py.zip
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/dcgan.zip
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/neural-style.ipynb
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/torch_utils.zip
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/utils2.zip
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/vgg16_avg.zip
wget http://www.platform.ai/part2/lesson1/wgan-pytorch.ipynb

(Benedikt S) #25

@jeremy @rachel : Can you create a mailing list / resend a email to the mailing list? I haven’t received the first email about class information only the international fellowship email.

(Thundering Typhoons) #26

How many weeks is this course? Is it the same as deeplearning1 (7 weeks)?

(Rachel Thomas) #27

@benediktschifferer I’m having trouble with the internet, but there is a link in the first Lesson 8 Discussion post

(Rachel Thomas) #28

@thunderingtyphoons Yes

(Kaushik Patnaik) #29

Any thoughts around convolutional layers are being used for sequences also. Work from Deepmind around wavenet, pixelCNN, bytenet etc has outperformed LSTM based methods.

(sai kiran) #30

What is ordered data for which CNNs are used for? Any example?

(Rachel Thomas) #31

@benediktschifferer Here’s the intro email: http://us14.campaign-archive1.com/?u=11aeb8f4b5b91fd0da704eb1a&id=4a942ce016

(Kishore P. V.) #32

I got this random question in mind. How does having duplicates in training data affect the model created?
This question was as a result of tinkering with data augmentation: realized that after a few epochs there is likely duplicate data created, if the image data generator is used to augment data.

(Even Oldridge) #33

The steps to avoid overfitting were super helpful. I did run into issues regarding underfitting and I’d love to see a similar list for that.

Train longer and increase model complexity seem to be the main methods, but are there others?

(Thundering Typhoons) #34

Is it possible to post the slides?

(sai kiran) #35

When you augment the data, it is not the exact image you are passing. You are streching, zooming, move it to the right, left etc.
So it’s basically different pictures.


Where is the link to the youtube stream?

(Rachel Thomas) #37

@superguy Are you one of the remote/international fellows? We are sharing it as needed


I’m in the class, but it’s not that easy for me to see some of the smaller text so thought I could watch it in class at the same time


Is opencv something used commonly. It took a lot of manual effort for me to configure opencv in python 3.6

(Kishore P. V.) #40

I understand that.For instance if you use just a few data augmentation parameters, like say just changing the width of the image. Running for a few epochs can end up in creating a sample that has the same width shift. This is less of a problem if more augmentation parameters are used.