Learning Rate Finder for small datasets

(Jaggo Re) #1

Using personal data set of 700 images. Does the learning rate finder not work on smaller datasets?
How can I debug this issue.

(WG) #2

How big is your batch size? If it is too small you’ll get exactly what you are seeing.

(Jaggo Re) #3

Using the default value for batch size, in this case 64.
Should it be lower?

Trying for 32, will post update.
Is there any rule of thumb for identifying bs value for a small dataset.

(WG) #4

no smaller can lead to the problem you are seeing.

are you running on CPU or GPU? I had a similar problem running on my CPU a ways back.

of course, the size of your training set may still be the problem. if it is, one idea is to duplicate your examples X # of times to artificially create a much bigger dataset. or you can use some data augmentation to do this as well.