Is there an active slack community?

(James Birchfield) #1

I have seen mention of a Slack channel on the wiki, but it appears I might need an invite. If that is the case, may I request one? my email for that would be

FWIW, I am super impressed with everything about this course so far. I have really enjoyed watching the first introduction video and getting my local and AWS env setup. I am coming into this as a senior software engineer, with decent knowledge of this space, no practical experience, but a strong desire to learn.

I participated in the Titanic Kagle project and provided a Java/WEKA impl on github for it, and I am really looking forward to this journey.

(Eric Perbos-Brinck) #2

Hi James,
My understanding is: there was a dedicated Slack channel for Part 1 back in fall 2016, as a channel for “current participants” but this was discontinued in favor of (“free” and easier archive management/search)

(James Birchfield) #3

Makes sense. Thank you very much Eric.