How to set up Windows 10 for

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You have to make an hard link (mklink /d) that points from the notebooks directory to fastai library (or add fastai library directory to PYTHONPATH). But I advise to follow Jeremy’s new procedure from scratch. Look at the beginning of the thread, you’ll find a link!



i tried to create a link :

for lib, Library and libs to point to the environment fastai libraries but i still get the same error message.
Are these the right libraries?

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Suppose you cloned your fastai repository in C:\users\your_account.

Git has now created a new directory: C:\users\your_account\fastai.

The hard link target has to be: C:\users\your_account\fastai\fastai

Let us know!



Newbie here. I cannot find the environment-win.yml. I see environment.yml, environment-cpu.yml, and environment-old.yml.




environment-win.yml has been replaced with environment.yml recently

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I followed the directions to a T.
In the fastai folder I typed:
conda env update
and got: conda not found

Its been years since I’ve used Unix but is this a path problem? Is there some .xxxrc file I need to edit and add directories to a path?

When I typed: jupyter notebook
I got the same error about jupyter not found

By following the steps listed under Optional Steps I did get jupyter notebook to work.

I can try : conda env update
when I next ssh into paperspace

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Thanks for this! “New Installation Instructions” also worked for me on MacOs for local cpu installation,
except environment-win.yml replaced by environment-cpu.yml